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It's just what I wanted straight off the bat

Michael Sparkes – Songwriter

Peter did an incredible job! Even better than expected. You can tell he's not just doing it for the money, he genuinely cares about what's best for your project. He was also quite fast in delivering (...) he did a truly amazing job. I'd recommend him to anyone who is looking for a musician!

Natany Tamez - Video Producer

I was initially gonna write a whole page long response on how much I appreciate what you did, but I'll summarize it right here. I wish I could give you a hug right now... Thank you very much

Typhlo – Singer

Great seller, great artist. Does all of the production of all the instruments. Easy to work with, awesome experience.

Todd Morgan - Father and Agent to Caden Banker Morgan

Great experience! He is a true professional and was very patient with me and helped me understand his process by keeping me informed of what steps he was taking to finish the song. I will order again in the future!

Chelsea Regina – Singer


Peter Cleaver     07958330015      

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